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Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Cindy Lyon

Congrats on the new girl! She is a beauty. I consider myself proof that you are never too old to play with dolls. ;)And, while my daughters are grown and haven't been bitten by the Blythe bug, my granddaughters enjoy playing with them.


I love these dolls. They're so cool and strange.


^_^ They are!


I'm sure I always will be :) I love that ladies of all ages collect them!

Christen Dobbs

They're so cute!


^_^ Thank you!


I love Blythe, too. And yes, some people make fun. I was finally able to get a Blythe clone this year! I have another clone and a real Blythe on their way from china and japan, respectively.


Indeed, I am 40, and I love Blythe!

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