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Friday, July 12, 2013


Jean Loper

I love this list. I see a lot of my favorites on there.

Alexandra Wallace

I see a few of my own favorites! And some new ones! I once saw Copeland live when the opened for a band in town, but have never checked out any of their music.



I love those "heartbrakingly beautiful" songs. I could listen to those songs for months haha This playlist totally reminds me of middle and high school. I like that you threw in some Enya too :D

I've been in a music slump for awhile. Pandora recently helped me discover these bands: Doe Eye, Lord Huron, Seapony, Lucy Rose, Kishi Bashi, Best Coast and Picture Atlantic.


It reminds me a lot of high school too because I was so heavily into music through school that a lot of my favorites are old stuff :P I do have new loves, but they haven't quite hit my 25 list yet ;) But Pandora has really been helping me discover new stuff too :D


Oh jealous....they are my second favorite band. I saw them once in LA on my honeymoon for their farewell tour. I cried through the entire show :P




Good playlist! I love to find new tunes too. At the moment I'm loving Fun Times in Babylon by Father John Misty, Sail by AWOLNATION, Feel it all Around by Washed Out, and Playing With Fire by Plan B. Plus, ahem, some Taylor Swift (sssh!).

Sarah Xx

kat curling

You and I have incredibly similar taste in music! Straylight run, underoath and copeland take me back sooooo far into my high school days haha.


Oooh - "All I wanted" and "Alive with the glory of love" are a couple of my favorites as well. LOVE The Civil Wars! Lately I've been trying to listen to more fun, upbeat stuff since I've been in a down mood. I'm usually jamming out to Marina & the diamonds or Eliza Doolittle.

LesLeigh J.

Great playlist! My favorite song on your playlist would have to be Sound of Pulling Heaven Down. I have loved that song for YEARS. Blue October was so my jam in high school, along with Fall Out Boy and many of the others you included...

-LesLeigh J. =)

Nerd Burger

I have only heard of like 2 of these songs. So many good new bands to check out. I really liked Emery.


Mine are "I Cross My Heart" by George Strait <- mine and Jen's song!
"She's Everything" Brad Paisley <- the song that represents Jen
"All Summer Long" Kid Rock
"Trouble" by P!NK
"Chicken Fried" Zac Brown Band
"5 o' clock Somewhere" Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffett
"Home" Blake Shelton
"Cadillac Cowboy" Chris Ledoux
"She's So High" Tal Bachman
"Bleed 2 Feed" C.C. Adcock
"Takin' Pills" Pistol Annies
"Animal" Neon Trees
"Mad Love" Neon Trees
"1983" Neon Trees
"So What" P!NK
"Your Surrender" Neon Trees
"I'll Be Yours" Placebo
"Mama Do" Pixie Lott
"New Low" Middle Class Rut (so true for OCD people)
"Hecate, Cerridwyn" Inkubus Sukkubus
"Call Out My Name" Inkubus Sukkubus
"Wytches Chant" Inkubus Sukkubus
"Pagan Born" Inkubus Sukkubus
"Judas" Lady Gaga
"So Damn Hot" OK GO
"Jungle Love" Steve Miller Band
"All Star" Smash Mouth

and so much more! I love Country, the most. Followed by 60s-70s rock, 90s-00s rock, punk, a little pop, J-Pop, J-Rock, K-Pop and anything ethereal and New Age-y.


Oh thanks! I will check out your favorites now!


Ahhhhh yes, back in the good old days....


I will have to check it out :D


It's their best song ever! I LOVE Blue October :)


Oh yay! Emery is my very favorite band :)


Wow, that's an awesome list! You should make it into a playlist and post it to your blog :D


What a great list! I've always thought about making something like this, but I just never have. I especially really love "Hands Down" by Dashboard Confessional, but I do prefer the acoustic version :) Some of my other favorites are on here too!

xoxo Jess


I LOVE the acoustic version as well.

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