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Wednesday, February 20, 2013



Everyone seems to be going to Japan at the moment. I'm so jealous!



Wow! Japan is somewhere I've been wanting to go for years and hopefully ill go in the next couple of years. Great photos lovely! I want ALL of those Blythe dolls<3

Lulu xx


I love it! And I am actually headed to Japan in April. I reread your old posts and love the moss garden - do you remember where that was? We'll be going to the Tokyo and Kyoto areas. Any faves/tips/advice you've got would be greatly appreciated!
Also, I'm a bit concerned about luggage - did you bring a full sized suitcase? Would smaller be better for getting around?


I really loved these photos :) I love japan so much, the people, the culture, the food, everything. I'm actually 1/4 Japanese on my dads side :) and I'm actually going there to study next year (hopefully *crossing my fingers*)

Kitty @ KittyAndBuck

Ah, I'm going in about 4 weeks, sooo excited!! Lovely photos, all of the food looks too perfect to eat!

Kitty @ KittyAndBuck

Hey Mel! I'm going in April too! I personally think you will want to assassinate your suitcase after about 24 hours when you bring a big one. I always travel with carry on only. Although I did purchase extra luggage allowance on the way back, so I might buy a bigger bag to check in with my shopping on the way home ;)

I think if you're catching trains and stuff, a small suitcase would be a blessing.

laura kate

So. Many. Blythes. I'd have drooled all over the shop.


Haha pretty much!


I know! Everything was beautiful!


Oooh how exciting!!!! I hope you can :)


I packed as light as I could, but I was there for a week and I was shooting a wedding so avoiding lots of bags was a challenge. Packing light is always easier though. If you know you will have access to washing machine, pack as little clothing as possible.


I checked a large piece of luggage with another bag inside of it on my way to japan. It was empty except for snack food that I would eat in japan. On my way home, it was filled with everything I bought there and I checked it. So it wasn't a hassle at all!


It was a dream of mine too!


It's the place to be I guess :P


Oh and that moss garden was in Kyoto :)

Nerd Burger

YAY More Japan Photos. I've been waiting ever so patiently. Beautiful. I really like the skyline shots.


Awww love the icea-cream you´ve got. Blythes look amazing!! I adore japan and sushi and these photos are so wonderful♥♥

xx Barbora :)


Haha sorry! Life got so crazy that I had little time to edit these. :) I will put some more up soon!


Thank you so much :)

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