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Friday, December 21, 2012



I love this outfit! You look so happy and Christmas cheery. :)

That's such an awesome story behind your earrings, thanks for sharing it with us. It's such an important message.



I LOVE that green cardigan on you!!!


Wow, what a touching story. I'm happy that Xiao Na was able to get out safe. I've heard about human trafficking in the U.S. it makes me sick. I'm always wondering why the media (like the news) spends so much time on one story over and over while there are children and women being abused all over the U.S.--I think that's the real story. I watched a documentary, on Netflix, about human trafficking and it seems like mostly bureaucrats buy people and bureaucrats can never be charged for anything; namely, because of the status--so sad. I'll check out Eden Ministry right after leaving this comment. Great awareness post.


I luv your outfit!! ♥♥
Merry Christmas Violet :))

xxx Barbora♥


You look lovely! And i really loved your outfit!This style is quite awesome!I must say that your earring are very special!Overall i enjoyed this post!


I really love the emerald green. It's one of my favorite colors, and I've been meaning to try and find something of that same color for my wardrobe. (No luck, as of yet.) It HAS been warm recently ... until today! I hope that you and Grant stay warm and safe today, and that you had a wonderful, merry Christmas!


We are staying nice and warm. So thankful for heat on days like this :D


Thank you :D


Thank you so much Barbora!

Jessie {my mod style}

You look beautiful. I love the photos. I don't know a lot about this issue. I will have to do some research. The world does have a lot of sadness in it. We all just have to do our part to help where we can! :)


It's absolutely sickening. We live amongst a lot of evil in this world.


:D Thanks! It's one of my favorites!


We sure do!


:) Thanks Aubree :) You're too kind!

Nerd Burger

You look so beautiful. I love the green with black. That's pretty amazing about the earrings. They look great.


You are so so sweet :) Thanks!

Danielle Rae Parker

Loved this Violet! =) And thanks for sharing the story about the earrings. So sad. =(

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