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Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Jean Loper

They look so pretty and yummy.


Yum! The maple one sounds gorgeous. One of my favourite things to do in London is go to Covent Garden and eat too many Ladureé macaroons... especially the salted caramel ones!


Ugh, that sounds like the perfect day.


They were!!!


Oh my gosh, those macarons look AMAZING! I really want to try making some myself, but I've heard they're super hard to make so I'm nervous! But they look so good! Maybe I'll give it a go and just see what happens! That pastry shop just looks to die for. I'm so jealous you got to visit such a wonderful place!

-Jessica (Sew In Love)

Kelsea Echo

Ahh these look so good! I love macarons too. Took me a while to try one (as you mentioned, they're not always the easiest to find), and I wasn't sure if it would be just a trendy, overly hyped food. No way. They are SO good!

And I staunchly agree that food should be a big part of any good trip abroad! =D


Yumm! I love french Macaroons too--so incredible!


I've never had macaroons before. I've never seen them on sale here. I'd have no idea where to get one!



They are ridiculously hard. I have tried 3 times. It always ends in wasted money and tears….so I buy them :P


Yeah, I was worried about that too, but they are definitely worthy of the praise they get!


SO good!


I don't know if you have Trader Joes where you live, but they sell them :)


Hmm maple macaron sounds amazing.


I love those things! The only place I could find them while living in Illinois was at Trader Joe's, but they were frozen. Luckily California is a little more macaron friendly. All of these pictures are so cute.


I really, really want to love macarons but I tried them once at a bakery nearby and they were really, uhm, bitter. I really can't explain it. They left an awful aftertaste in my mouth that I just couldn't get rid of. I think it might have been the place I got them from though.

I'll try them again some other time from a place that is actually known for having good ones haha!


Trader Joe's has them? Where else can you get them in Indy? I've actually never tried one before, and I think it's about time that I should! They always look SO pretty. And I my opinion could be entirely wrong, but there seems to be so many little, pretty, pastel things from Japan.


It SO was!


Yeah, I bet there are a LOT more in Cali!


Oh that's weird....I've never had a bitter one ever!


Uh yeah there is a lot of pastel everywhere!!!


I agree with you about the "best desserts ever"
I ate them in Hamburg-Germany for the first time, and finally a friend of mine went to Paris and brought me a few from Laduree, was heaven in a piece of sweet. I understand what you mean about the lovely places out there.


Yum!! I haven't seen them in NJ. :(


Oh my I 'm drooling!I definitely need to go to that mall when I visit Japan...I wish I could try a macaron, we don't have them in Greece...


Oh I would love to try one from Laduree! There was a Laduree in Osaka, but I didn't see it while we were there.


They are really hard to come by!


:( They don't have them most places it seems.


I loved all the pastry shops they had. Everything looked so beautiful and yummy. I tried a macaroon (the only one I have had in my life) while I was there and it was not good. I probably went to a bad place, or chose a bad flavor. I need to try one again. They are so cute and colorful.


Someone else said that too, but it could have been the flavor. I've never had a bad macaron. They are really light. I can imagine if the flavor was weird that they wouldn't be as good though.

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