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Saturday, September 29, 2012



When I was in Florida, I visited a mall that turned out to be like this one. So strange seeing such a massive, empty building!



Great photos! That mall looks beautiful, I find it so creepy when places that obviously used to be so loved are abandoned. This mall kind of reminds me of the mall in Tim & Erics B$M


I love abandoned places! It's always been my inner child's dream to get locked in a mall after close like on 'Baby Geniuses' and just run around and try on clothes and stuff. hah
I've also wanted to visit a real ghost town. An (almost) ghost mall would be fun to explore too.
I bet that segway man is having the time of his life. He can go super fast and not hit anybody!


That's so strange how empty it is! And it seems like such a waste to have such a huge building for only a few stores.

jenny holiday

Ohhh I LOOOVE these pics! I know...like seriously annyyyy minute it will be full of zombies right? I secretly hope for that stuff. ;) We had a mall just like this near us...well no...it was as empty as this, but a bit more of a throw back. In it's decline the food court lost all chains and I swear to you...the signs read "Hot Dogs" or "Pizza" Noooo brand name!! It was like a Mad TV skit or something. Sooo weird! And there was one shop open on the lower level...HUUUGE!!... one guy selling silk flowers and swords! I KID YOU NOT! :) I sooo wish I had pics!


Shai Smith

I've never seen anything like this! We have two-story malls all over the place in metro-Atlanta, but they're bustling, busy places


I have never been to a mall like this. That is such a shame. And even stranger that the man stopped you guys from taking photos.

Jessie {My Mod Style}

I basically grew up at that mall. It used to be FOREST FAIR MALL back in the day. It was FULL of stores, rides, a huge arcade and my favorite a Putt-Putt course. A food court upstairs and downstairs. It was amazing. I spent my teen years walking that mall on Friday nights. A few years ago there was a really nice Forever 21 there! I went to go shopping there one day and it was just GONE. Nothing seems to be able to stay in that mall. I can't believe that guy said something to you! What a jerk really, considering there is nothing there anyways. LOL


Let me just first say this: HOLY BABE ALERT!!! That light is so beautiful on your skin. Hottie. I also love the retro feel of the background. It looks so neat there!
Okay, now onto the post text.
So I noticed you said you rarely see two story malls anymore. Is it because where you live the malls are getting bigger (three and four stories - I love those malls!) or are they single story? Sorry, this is probably dumb, but I've been in small towns in Oklahoma where there were more single story malls than I could handle. As in, WTF is this?!
Speaking of Oklahoma, I remember one night my friends and I went on this quest for the "underground city" that we'd heard through the grapevine about. Not even people that had lived in OK their whole lives knew about it. But we heard how to get into it (through a side hallway in a hotel downtown!) and we found it. It was hands down one of the coolest/creepiest things I've ever seen. To this day, I regret not one of us taking photos of it. There was a mall down there. Oooold store windows with Christmas trees in them. Old mannequins from like, the 80's. It was nuts. We were more afraid that there'd be a bum who tried to mug us or something so we didn't stay too long. But yeah. That's my story. :)


Usually you're not allowed to take pictures in malls because it's retail space, and you're not allowed to have any of those items/branding/names/etc. in the photos. However, this is an EMPTY mall, so that is completely strange! I definitely would have liked to see it--abandoned places are some of my favorite things to explore. If you're able to, and if I'm able to--we should go to an abandoned places in the Indy area! I think it would be a fun venture. (I don't know if you would want to make the trek over, but there are two abandoned hotels--among other things--north of Greenfield. I'd have to double-check their location and what town they are near.)


When I used to work at the mall I always found it really creepy to be there at open or close. the mall being empty seemed so.... Wrong! I really like the photos!


That would creep me out too!


Yeah that's understandable! But it was basically closed. So weird.


Bahahaha you are too kind lady ;P Our malls are more spaced out. We have one 2 story mall in Indy, but it's not really structured like this one. This one reminded me of an 80s movie or something :P


We have a few malls around here that just can't stay running no matter how hard they try.


I KNOW! Weird.


That's how I like them ;P


Bahahah this had me cracking up. It was an eerie feeling though. Like one of those 2 minutes before the murderer comes back feelings you get in a movie. It was creepfest for sure. Haha silk flowers and swords. Would have fit in well at this place. There were like only a few shops and one of them was literally just nick nack flea market junk. It was depressing.


Yep. I don't know how any of the stores keep open.


Baby Geniuses! WAA that brings back memories. Yeah, it would have made a great movie set for sure ;) Yeah, I was probably the first person he talked to that day. There was no one there. I bet he was overly eager to have something to stop a person about :P


It was really beautiful! Sad though.


Definitely very strange!

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