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Friday, August 17, 2012



Hahaha, it's quite funny seeing this video cause when I saw your photos, I imagined you with a totally different voice! Does that sound weird? Your voice sounds nice tho. I would feel super self-conscious about making a video because I think my voice sounds funny :D I basically cannot take myself seriously at all when recorded. Love your blog and NEVER doubted your 'realness'!!! ;)


awww you're such a fun cutie in 'real life' too! love it.
Question: what do you love most about doing photography?

happy weekend V!
Mel ;o)
needle and nest design

Laura Morris

Your'e adorable.


LOL! Omg I didn't expect you to be/sound like this! I don't even know how to say what I mean but just don't take it the wrong way. I LOVED this video. As I do every single vlog my blog friends do. You're right. It's so awesome to see them IRL, talking and just being themselves. Dorky. Quirky. Awkward. Nervous. Random. I love it so much. You're too adorable and I just couldn't stop smiling or laughing at your face all up in the camera at times! :)) Now I want to make one! But I have no idea what to talk about so I'd probably just play with my cat or eat a funnel cake or something. LOL
Let's see. A question. Oooh, I know we basically both have a love for emo/scream music, since it's obvi we both went through our emo/scene phases. So what music are you super duper into now? Just like you, I still love hearing all those old albums from the old days but I don't listen to them a whole lot anymore. Just when I'm in the mood or feel like traveling down memory lane. So what's your music of choice these days? That is my question. :)


It's so rad to finally see you (so to speak). I loved the video. Here's my question:
Who designed your blog? If it was you, what did you use to design it?

Jessica B.

My Question:

What is your favorite lens to use, and why?

Jessie {My Mod Style}

I need to do a VLOG. Maybe next month???? ;) You are adorable. lol


Do it!


oh mon dieu !!
Heeeyyyyy you're so cute !!


^_^ Oh thank you!

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