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Saturday, June 09, 2012



Great idea, but I hate the sun in places like this jeje, you will need
a big tent, besides that the photos in deserts are incredible.

I am sorry about your gramma.


Being from the East Coast myself now that we live in the desert its great to have all new things to photograph. A desert wedding would be beautiful! I know they do a lot of them at the Phoenix Desert Botanical Gardens, which is totally beautiful in itself.


Those are pretty creative and awesome to be taken so long ago!


Thank you :) Photoshop works wonders ;)


Yeah, that's quite the switch! How exciting :)


Thank you Ruzu :)


I know lots of people talk crap about the desert, e.g. "it's ugly and brown", "it's dusty", "it's too hot", etc., but I love the desert and miss living there just about every day. And you're right, there is something beautiful about desert located photo shoots. The colors in peoples clothes, even their eyes, just stand out because of the muted colors in their backdrop. I want to go back to Vegas and get a photo shoot done in the actual desert; we had a photo shoot done the day before we moved, but we did it in downtown Fremont, with all the neon lights and retro feel. I can't believe we didn't think to get photos done of the other part of our city - the desert.
I hope you get to go back and visit your grandpa, and I'm very sorry you missed saying goodbye to your grandma.


I WANT TO TAKE YOUR PICTURE! Seriously. If we ever meet in real life, it's happening.

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