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Monday, June 11, 2012



Too cute!


jajaja I like it. Your dog is very sweet


Hello Violet! You have a cute dog! Love the photos! ;)


Thank you Arvee :)


Hahaha thanks!



Anna Z

Aww marshmallow. Haha...that does seem like a mild disaster!


Haha yeah, she was freaking out.


Haha! What a silly little Marshmallow :D
How'd you like the new season thus far? I am loving all my favorite male eye candy but Tara as a vampire?? Hmm...no thanks. They should have let that poor girl (that's always in a world of trouble) rest in peace. But duh, her character is so awesome, they can't just get rid of her!

Rachel Emma

I basically love how you have a day devoted to your dog! She's such a cutie! I still haven't watched the new episode of True Blood yet!! I was going to watch it yesterday, but I try not to watch it while others are around because the sex scenes make me feel uncomfortable if they are there haha!! I know, it's a bit awkward... :P

daydream frenzy

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Haha I understand. If they go on for more than 2 seconds I fast forward because it's too weird for me. I wish they would leave that out of the show. The storyline is SO good without it -_-


Yeah, I don't know how I feel about that. I bet she is going to be SUPER angry with Sookie for having her turned.


holy moly, what a cute dog! love these pictures!


Haha thank you!


You're lucky she's not camera shy! Most pets I know refuse to look at a camera

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