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Friday, June 08, 2012


maddie flanigan

You are funny - I'm sure you work work very well in a sweat shop making dresses out of glue. That made me laugh!


Haha I'm not that funny at all. I am just overly sarcastic all the time -_-

Anna Z

Looks like a really fun day!

Also, I love Sigur Ros... I actually never have heard any covers of this song. This is quite lovely.


That looks so fun! Your little piece turned out so pretty. I need to find a girls craft night around here like that. It'd be a great way to get out of the house. Or maybe I should start one... Hmmm... You got my wheels turning...


Yeah, I am really loving the cover!


It's a lot of fun :)


Your photography is still beautiful even if the photos were taken on your phone! The fabric hair bows look so sweet too, much better than I could do even if you only had to use glue to make them. xx


Oh well thank you so much Sarah!

jenny holiday

ahhh so so fun!! Love those bows!!

and um..wizza wizza whatt? First Cannoli?! Well then again..I'm from Jersey. Yeah they are deelish! I've even made cannoli cake!

Happy Friday!!
xo Jenny


What app and filter is this? I so love the dreamy whimsical-ness of it all. Also, the photo shoot you shared yesterday of the good girl and the bad guy was SO INCREDIBLE. xxo


It's hipstamatic with the beatles filter. :) Thanks!


Yeah, I live in a hole apparently :P


fun, i want a craft day!


your bow came out super cute!
a girls' craft day sounds fun--i wish
more of my friends were into that lol.

ooo i've only tried cannolies recently too.
they are SO GOOD. ^_^


Aw thank you!




Cotton candy throwing up is SO not bad at all. These hair pieces look perfect!! I love them.
And LOL, I am dying to see that tutu-overload home video. Upload here, pretty please :))) Your quick story reminds me of one that I remember so well from when I was about four (I have a ridiculously good memory when it comes to my childhood, and most other things.) So, I was about four years old. I had done something wrong and my dad decided I needed to be spanked, so he asked me to get up and get the belt. I ran to my bedroom and opened up my dresser drawers. I pulled out every pair of panties I had in there (almost all of them had a flower embellishment on the butt - I had tons of those kinds and loved them). Being such a wise and witty child, I wanted all my panties on to soften the blow of the belt. When I ran back with the belt I laid over my dad's lap. I guess he saw that my toosh had grown in the last two minutes so he patted me down and began laughing hysterically. He called my mom over and they just couldn't stop. They thought it was the cutest thing ever. :) I remember that like it was yesterday. Anywho, sorry for the long story.
P.s. Cute baby!


Awwww wa! That is so cute…my dad was always so light when I got a spanking so I used to pretend it was worse. Then he ended up just lightly tapping me. :P I would like to put some silly home video clips up. Not sure how, but maybe that will be my next big endeavor.

irene wibowo

love the photos.. :)


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