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Tuesday, May 22, 2012



Gorgeous scarf and gorgeous lady in it!!!! Snaps go to Short Brotography!! Excellent work!!


That is a beautiful scarf! haha @ brotography, that sounds like something that my brother would say :)

jessica tingle

You style that lovely scarf well! So pretty, it even looks really soft! Haha, Brotography cracks me up, my hubby would love a name like that too. :)


Yeah, he's pretty proud of it >.<


Yeah, it's a guy thing :P


Teehee thanks!


You look beautiful lady!! I really like the scarf you chose, it is very pretty on you. I have always wanted to try out an infinity scarf. Haha, love your hubby's photography name :]


There's my favorite purse of yours! :)
I love the scarf and I think it's super neat that they've included 50 ways to tie it! I only wear my scarves like three ways and I feel like such a noob for not getting too crafty. I saved the picture to my hardrive so I can come back to it when I wanna style in lots of fun ways! Thanks!


Thanks Roni! :) It's my favorite purse too. I only wish it was a bit bigger since i'm one of those crazy ladies that stores the world in my purse.


I really like it too! It's not overly heavy either so it works for summer :)

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