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Saturday, April 07, 2012



I love lemons too!! I have never met another person who likes lemons. So glad I'm not alone in the world! ;) Also, your dog is adorable!

hope that you have a great weekend! :)


YES! That makes me happy :) LEMON LOVERS!

Mandy // Miss Indie

Love your photos always. You just know how to capture a moment. And I totally hear you about the treadmill! I need to get back into the habit, but am always "too busy" (my #1 excuse).


:) Thank you Mandy! :) :) It's my #1 excuse as well. But once I get over it and just start up, it's great! Just takes motivation :)


I like tulips but in my country we don´t have that flower, very tropical around here.
and what dog does not enjoy food in the floor? XD yours is so cute.

Elysia Raimondo

AWW your doggie is sooo cute! He looks like thing 1 and thing 2 in the cat of the hat
Here's my blog if you want a looksie :)

Midwest Muse

I'm so in love with all of your photos. I seriously wish I had your skill.


I'm with you on some of these — I definitely need to start cooking more & get more exercise. I wish I owned a treadmill!

I love tulips. You should also plant some bleeding hearts, snap dragons, and lady slippers (they look like Mickey Mouse shoes)! Gardening is my Mother's passion so I've always LOVED flowers and plants.


Baha that's true!


Haha I am not that skilled, but thank you! I feel like I still have a lot to learn.


Bleeding hearts are one of my FAVORITES! My mom used to have lots of them and I want some of my own :)

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