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Saturday, April 21, 2012


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oh my goodness. I want to do this exact same thing with Tyler! :)


I think it would be wonderful to drive around a country and take photos, I take photos where ever I go but I'd love to take photos of different landscapes and buildings! xx


The idea is pretty cool, I wish to do something similar.


I've been to Gatlinburg! It IS soooo beautiful when you do the lift up the mountain. The air feels different, everything is just perfect. I've considered living there too, but I'm a city girl through and through. The country life and quietness of mountains and such is something I escape to when I need a break. But oh boy is Gatlinburg beautiful, and it really is a neat little town on that Main strip.
Mikey and I did a cross country road trip when we moved from Vegas. We drove through so many states and I wished we could have stopped at all the ones we've never been to. We only stopped in San Antonio, TX to visit my family for a few weeks and then again in Wilmington, NC to see his mom. I'm like you, I don't wanna just drive through all these unfamiliar places, I wanna stop and explore, maybe try their foods. I think that would be fun! Anywho, this got long, haha. I enjoyed this post. :)

jenny holiday

Oh I am so so there with you! Gosh...Aaron and I would ADORE a cross country road trip....where we could take the time to reeeeally take it all in and snap as many pics as we would like! We drove from NJ to St. Paul last year (we were teaching at The Creative Connection) and it was so so fun!! We saw so many super cool place! Wisconsin has so many hillarious "family resorts"..like crazy crazy theme hotels...where you really do not have to leave for anything..for like a week! We'd love to go back! Our dream is from NYC to CA!!! :)

Love your pics!!!

xo Jenny Holiday

Charley Taylor

These shots are beautiful!!



What a small (internet) world! I live about an hour and half away from Gatlinburg. I've always wanted to go on a cross country trip as well. I think that would simply be amazing. :)


i love your pics <3
amazing !!


Wouldn't it just be thrilling?


I agree!




Haha I always love your long comments Roni :) They are most welcome! I really love Texas. I bet I could stay there for a week just driving through the dessert. New Mexico is pretty cool too. I loved going to Roswell when I was a kid :P So much fun to see Alien themed Arby's and Walmarts!


Oh yeah, I've stayed in one of those crazy family hotels as a kid! HAHA! I spent a lot of time in Wisconsin. It's a gorgeous state though. Not a whole lot to do, but very quaint and peaceful :) NYC to CA would be the ideal dream. I would love to see absolutely everything, but I think a straight trip across from NY to CA would be ideal :)


:) Thank you so much!


Haha really? I only live like 6 hours from there. I've been there SO many times :)


Thank you so much!!!

Anna Z

I love the top shot! The color palette is so pretty.


I love Gatlinburg! Such a pretty place and the air feels great to breathe in the mountains.


Nice post. You might be interested in my Travel Bucket List


Thank you Anna :)


It sure does!!!


How fun! I have one of those too :P

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