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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Jean Loper

I love these photos so much and am thankful for Jennifer and Diana for taking them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


wow the wedding looks amazing!! nice photos


Happy 2 year anniversary!! I hope you two have many more years filled with love :] These photos are beautiful!! You looked absolutely gorgeous on the big day. Everyone looks so happy and excited in these photos, what a fun time it must have been!.I also love the picture of the bridal blythe dolls!

Midwest Muse

The photography is absolutely amazing and I'm in love with how beautiful you look. Wow!! And your little tea party dress is what I want my bridesmaids to wear if I ever get married. Also, what's a trash the dress party? Sounds bad ass.


happy 2 year! you looked fabulous! love love love the dress and the photographer is amazing :)


:) Thank you so much Carisa!


Trash the dress is where your photographer takes you out at a later date and you get all dressed up in your wedding attire and take fun, crazy pictures you wouldn't normally do on the wedding day!


Thank you Allison!


^_^ Thanks so much!


:) :) :)

Emily Baker

wow. incredible. your dress was freakin' BOMB. and the second dress down at the bottom. LOVE IT. And is that your dad? Because you look exactly like him!


Yep, that is my dad :) It's my favorite picture of him :)


Violet you look absolutely breathtaking! What a fun day! And your photographer did a fantastic job : )


I absolutely LOVE the shot of just you with the umbrella and everyone else is covered up. So happy to have found your blog; looking forward to following you! Oh...and Happy Anniversary!!!:)



These photos are all so beautiful! the first photo is definitely my favorite. Happy Anniversary to the both of you!!
xo Heather


Shut up! (sorry, I had to) An instrumental version of that very same Muse song was playing as my bridesmaids walked down the aisle. :)
LOVE Muse, they are amazing!


Oh my goodness! Happy 2 year anniversary hun. Thankyou so much for sharing all these darling images! It really made me feel like I had experienced your joy too haha.



Oh gawd, congratulations! You two looked amaaazing! I must admit, I didn't know that you were married (I know, I'm the newbie on here, oooh, hides).
How come you married "so young"? Do people ask you that question a lot?

Yeah, job search is still going on ... I guess it's a "you have to be at the right place at the right time" kind of thing, and I'm such an impatient person!
Somehow the best bands come to Vienna in Autumn to play concerts, I don't know why it's unpopular to have concerts in Spring?


:) Thank you! They were amazing!!!


:) Thank you so much :)


Thank you Heather! The first is one of my favorites too!


Woah, you are just way too awesome.


:) Thank you :)


Well we weren't all that young ( I look a lot younger than I am), but we had talked about it for a long time and we had every intention of getting married. We both had stable full time jobs, I had just graduated college and the timing was perfect for us! I used to get so irritated because people would give me crap about us being too young and that it wouldn't last, but I think the foundation you start your marriage on is what counts. We had our priorities straight before we got married. And I've never been happier :)


umm, your dress is so elaborately beautiful!!!! happy two years! :)
xo TJ


YAY! Happy anniversary :D
Your wedding looks awesome :D
I love your mini dress!!


Beautiful photos! Your wedding looks like so much fun


:) Why thank you!


^_^ Thanks!


:) It sure was!


Your dress is beautiful!! And you look so pretty. Looks like you had a great day


Why thank you :) I appreciate it!


Muse for your first dance!? I knew there was a reason why I instantly liked you. Great song choice :)


Hahaha thanks!


OMG Violet these pictures!!!!! They're absolutely stunning, as are you and husbie!! But especially you ;))
I love your dresses and your hair! I love you as a brunette in what I'm guessing is an engagement photo outside..wait, is that even you???
I love the umbrellas on your wedding day and all the happy, laughing pictures. Wow. These just made me happy. :) Oh, and your blythe dolls..so cute, so you.


Hahaha thanks Roni! :) They were our trash the dress like 9 months later :) I cut off all my hair and dyed it. I later regretted it, but I'm still glad I did it ;)

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