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Friday, December 02, 2011



eep, the penguin is so cute!! And I would love to have a giant chalkboard somewhere in my flat, it's such a cool idea! you can write little love letters on it or simply things you don't want to forget the next time you go grocery shopping.. come to think of it, I really need a chalkboard, haha :D need to ask my mister if he'll get me one for christmas..


I'm thinking the same thing! :D

Michelle Sexton

I did a chalkboard on our pantry doors. I really wanted to do a wall, but we didn't have much wallspace...and plus i have a toddler. I think that it would make it too easy to write on all the rest of the walls. that would be bad. so i settled for the panty doors. i wrote about it on my blog -



Wow, that looks great!!!! I really like how it's painted on the inside of the door like that. Unfortunately, I don't have doors like that, but I do have a big empty wall in the kitchen that would work well. I'll talk my husband into it :)

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