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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Steven Andrew

I love everything about this! I want a photobooth so bad, they're so fun and random!
Great job!


Thanks! It was SO fun because these kids were crazy cool! I really enjoyed it :)

Michelle Sexton

this is funny. i love photobooths!!


This looks like an awesome gig! Were you working with another company/photographer or is this a service you offer? I ask because this seems like a lot of fun. :)


No, it's something I offer :) I had never done it before though so it was definitely a fun, new experience!


I love photobooths!! I'd love to have you as a photographer, but well, me living in germany makes that quite impossible. you're really talented :)


Thanks Paula! I've ALWAYS wanted to take a trip to Germany….if only if only...


All the photographs are looking great. The timing is perfect. I completely agree with you Paula he is really a great photographer.

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