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Wednesday, January 08, 2014



Similar scene in the UK.. but replace heavy snow with heavy rain! Some of those pictures look like they were taken in Yorkshire with the dry stone walls. I can't wait to see the pictures you take when you're in Scotland! I am addicted to Flickr for inspiration. Always gets me out of a rut. I hope the storms pass for you soon. Stay safe and warm.

steven andrew

Those crates in the corner of the room are so gorgeous and perfect for the apartment we're getting next month!
I've been on Pinterest a lot lately, especially because now we're finally getting our own place, I want to get in that place refreshed and ready to create some fancy looking rooms!
I use Tumblr, too.. but that's for photography inspiration, not interior.


:) Beautiful feature of photographs! ♥
When I'm stuck for inspiration, I like looking through magazines or browsing Pinterest. I'm addicted to Pinterest! :O


Oh I would LOVE to be in the UK right now :P But I am so so excited for Scotland...dream come true!


Congrats on the new place Steven! :) Tumblr is definitely my photography inspiration too!


:) Sounds good to me!


Thanks for the inspiration :D have a great weekend

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