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Saturday, June 22, 2013



This is so pretty, Violet! :) I love the colors! And that outfit is sooo cute!


love this necklace: Pitala Multi-Strand Necklace


I love the Offer of Hope Cuff Set - so gorgeous!

Christina Gibson

This is so inspiring.

Denysia Yu

I love this: https://mytradesofhope.com/MemberToolsDotnet/ShoppingCartNew/ProductDetail.aspx?ProductID=17958&CatalogueID=208&PartyID=0&PartyGuestID=0&InternalUse=1&ProductGroupString=75.81


Rainy Benedict

Thanks to Violet for featuring Trades of Hope in her blog. She looks beautiful in the scarf. I would love to come to your home and show you and your friends all the items that Trades of Hope sells. You can also purchase on-line or have an on-line party. If you need to makes a little extra money pm me!
thanks again Violet!

Jamie .M

Everything at that shop is really beautiful. Silver Princess Bracelet


Mumbai earrings are gorgeous and a sweet deal for 2 pair!


I love the scarf, it's so beautiful!
Also, I'm a big fan of your glasses.

Marta K

Is this giveaway open to international followers?
Thank you!! :)

Rainy Benedict

No I'm so sorry just USA!


Well, I liked everything that I saw! The Peruvian knotted cuff is especially nice.


I'm really loving this outfit on you!

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