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Friday, January 25, 2013


Brittany Kyte

I love that!


Awesome results for such a great price! I want to do this :-)

Anna Z

They fit perfectly! I like this a lot. What's your instagram username? I don't follow you.

I hope you're doing well. :-)


I love collages but these picture collages are soo wonderful Violet♥

There are so many feelings and experssions in them.
And I need to admit your "improvisation" looks WONDERFUL♥

xx Barbora♥♥

Jessie {my mod style}

These look really cute. I haven't used snapfish yet. I am so glad you get a calm weekend!! :)


These look great! Having pictures printed is so nice, I definitely need to get into the habit more! xx

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Jean Loper

Awesome way to show those photos!


:) Thanks!


Me too! I rarely do it :)


I love Snapfish!


Thanks Barbora!


I don't know, I just use Instagram for filters and such, but I am not active on the account.


Thanks Nicole :D


Thanks Brittany!

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Thank you so much, yes it did take a lot of research and rewrites, I am really glad that you found it useful.


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