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Monday, January 28, 2013



I, too, am not a fan of how expensive it is to develop film! I honestly want to learn how to do it myself. I recently participated in a disposable camera swap, and I'm going to have to print out those photos sometime this week. Not looking forward to paying for doubles... Alas. The photos will be worth it, at least. :) I'm still fascinated by that deer park! I have an acquaintance who did study abroad in Japan, and she visited that same place, and got "mauled" by all the deer. :) Have a good week, missy!


I love film photography it is my favorite! These photographs you took are wonderful, they kind of have a dreamy feel to it. Also I am soo jealos that you were so close to those deer even though I would be scared at first I probably wouldn't resist and take a billion photographs. I just love it.

maddie flanigan

Months later and I still think your trip to Japan was awesome. How clever that you used a disposable camera. I never would have thought of that since I have my Olympus.


The deer love you haha!! Wow I love these though. One day I'll visit Japan and one day I'll pick up film photography again. :)


Ahhhh !!! I adre these cute little deers around you♥♥
I´ve got 1 question ^^
Do you dye your hair?

xx Barbora♥♥


Haha I did too :P


:) Thanks! It was a tad scary, but so fun :)


Oh thanks Maddie :D


It is such an amazing place to visit!


I do not. It's all natural :)


Awh the deers! I do love the old disposable cameras... and also waiting to develop film. Of course there is a huge plus side to being able to print photos so quickly now, but the excitement of getting a film developed after months and months... there's nothing like it.


What a lovely place, so cute deers! Love the look of the disposable cameras.


Oh SO exciting :D


Me too :D

Jessie {my mod style}

I love the photos of you feeding the deer!! So sweet!

Kitty @ KittyAndBuck

Oh, sorry If I missed it, but is the deer park the one on Miyajima? Or somewhere else? I'm heading to Japan in March/April and want to see the deer on Miyajima, it looks so beautiful :) Nice photos by the way, I might bring a film camera, but you're right, it costs a lot to develop!

Nerd Burger

AMAZING photos. The ones of you and the deer are so cute. I also love the scenery shots. Breathtaking. It makes me want to go back to Japan even more.


:) Oh thanks!


No, it wasn't there. I am blanking the name right now, but it was right near Todaiji.


It is SO beautiful there!

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