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Wednesday, September 05, 2012



What's that book title I see.... "go naked in the world"?!? Thats a strange book. Wonder who picked that one out. :)


Wow! Your dad did an amazing job and I'm super jealous :) Your book collection is coming along great!

erin aka eef

oh man, that's awesome! i want a wall like that one day too!


Bahaha I made sure that that one wasn't noticeable in these pictures silly Brittany… It's near the top :P


Oh thank you so much Marilyn!


:) Thank you!

Lindsay Overbey

Oh WOW! I love the bookshelf. I wish I had someone to build me one :) I'd love to look at the "The Best Love Poems" book. ♥Lindsay

Anna Z

What a beautiful bookshelf!


It's a really sweet book :)


:) Thanks!


wow how beautiful is that!


Oh thank you!


Oh it looks so wonderful!!


That is just beautiful. I LOVE it! I hope to have something like that in my home some day. I would probably do records though! I just can't get over how cool this is!


:) Thank you!


Records would be awesome!


Wow, that is so gorgeous! Absolutely amazing!



This is beautiful! I have always dreamed of this too! I love the look of bookshelves -- especially ones this massive. My boyfriend and I are both book hoarders, so whenever we eventually live together we will most definitely have something similar. Though sadly not this epic.


When I saw this post in my Bloglovin feed I said to myself, "Oh yeah! She has that awesome bookcase!"
I have a okay sized old book collection. About 2 bookcases full and one day I want one just like this to display those books and records. My dad built something like this is my childhood home for my mom to display all of her knick-knacks and antiques so I've always wanted one too.


These are lovely!


hoooooollllyy. This is a freaking dream. I'm telling you, this room needs to be in a magazine. Tell your dad he's an amazing craftsman :)


Oh my goodness. Your bookshelf is awesome. I will have to check out Goodwill on the first Saturday of the month from now on! Thank you for the heads up. I can't wait to see what it looks like once it is full. I have always wanted to swing down a wall of books on a ladder like Belle - you are living the dream lady! :]


Just wow! Amazing. Funny thing: I immediately thought of Belle when she visits the book store!! That and the massive library in the Beast's castle are the reasons behind why I have wanted a library in my someday-home as well. Yours is magical! A real dream come to life. Kudos to your dad's building skills!
80 books for $20 is a DEAL if I've ever heard one!!
Now, is that half off Goodwill thing for every Goodwill?? I never heard of that but I'd be willing to drive up on a Saturday to mine to find out. I usually go on Mondays or Wednesdays for some reason. Go figure I never find any great sales.


Wow! I have always wanted a bookcase like that. I am excited to see you fill it up so that I can live vicariously through you! I just asked my dad to build me one like yours but he grunt-snorted which means 'not in this life time'. Oh well.

Jessie {My Mod Style}

This is so awesome. Especially since your dad built it for you. :) It looks perfect in your home. (I collect many things, way too much to leave here in a comment. LOL) So glad that you are collecting and saving these beautiful books! If you keep getting that amount for $20 I would say filling it up by the end of the year should happen. Can't wait to see it full!


Thank you so much :)


Haha I am a book hoarder too!!!


Haha you remembered! :)




Oh thanks! I will tell him :)


The Goodwill thing might be different in other cities, but it's the first Saturday of the month here in Indianapolis. I would just call the store or get online and find out for sure :)


Yeah, I would just call one of you local stores and ask to be sure it's the same for you! It's every Goodwill in Indy so I would assume it's that way for the whole country, but I can't be sure.


Bahaha thankfully my dad likes to build stuff so he enjoyed it. It was quite the endeavor though.


Yeah, I don't know if I will score that big again, but I hope so!


Oh my gosh! I love that book shelf so so much. So jealous! :)


omygod. most amazing bookshelf/wall EVER.


Hahha. Oh violet. :P just had to give you a hard time about it.


Haha thank you so much :)


Ha oh wow! Thank you :)


Oh, that bookcase sounds wonderful. In my childhood home I had shelves built into an old stone wall in my room which I loved. All my old books are still there, but in my current flat we don't have a bookcase yet, so there are just piles of books everywhere threatening to tumble over! :)


Haha that sounds like lots of fun ;)


That is one of the coolest bookshelves I have ever seen! I love that your Dad made it specially! Gorgeous! xxx

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