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Tuesday, September 11, 2012



I will definitely try this! Sounds so yummy! And indeed much cheaper! I will send a link to you if I've tried this. :)


I have been wanting to try this recipe out. Those cupcakes are so cute.


This looks so easy & delish!


Jenny Stokes

These look SO good!!! I have to try this! Yumm!


Oh thank you! :) Let me know how you like it :)


Thanks! It sure is :)


Thanks Chelsey!


YES! Do it!


You had me at marshmallow - did you know marshmallow is one of my favorite snacks, toppings, sauces on top of sundaes, etc? Well, it is. And the fact that this is only three ingredients deep lets me know that I can do it! The directions are seemingly so easy that my five year old friend upstairs can do this herself, so I really know I'm good to go. (I'm not usually the best with cooking and directions - I just bake the cupcakes and cakes from the box; those are easy!) Thank you for this. I am no kidding going to try it, like, this weekend or something. I don't see myself using it for a cake the first time around, but more so for taffy, like you said. :)

Template Design

Wow these are looks so delicious and yummy yummy!!The presentation of those cupcakes are just superb!!


Yeah, it is SO crazy easy :) I can't wait to hear how yours turned out. And I totally agree. Anything marshmallow is my FAVORITE. Marshmallow + white chocolate = heart attack.


Oh thank you!

Kelsea Echo

Ahhh that sounds WAY TOO GOOD. Also, how are all of your cakes so gorgeous? Totally Pinterest-worthy! =)


Haha they aren't. And I didn't make that cake :P

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