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Tuesday, September 25, 2012



That shower curtain is amazing! Hmmmm


I love getting lost for hours(!!) in stores like UO and Anthropology. They have such eye catching home goods and I want to decorate with it all! Unfortunately it's a bit pricey, especially at Anthro. However, UO has some of thee best sells around! I regularly check their stores against the prices for certain items online. It's strange how usually an item will be priced much cheaper online than in the store and vise versa. For example, I once found these cute kitty slippers for $20 online, but I held off till I found them in UO for $5! I'd love to find some of their home furnishings for really cheap. :)

Alexandra Wallace

I love all of these! Beautifully done - definitely sparked some inspiration! :)


OMG Jessie! I'm shipping you over to England to decorate my house! I love that you aren't afraid of colour!! These look so awesome xxx

Kelsea Echo

These are all so beautiful! Especially love the owl and wall organizer in the living room! I've always liked Urban Outfitters' home decor. =)


Me too!


I agree!


:) She is good!


I always leave irritated because I can't afford anything. And everything is always SO perfect. Hahaha. I wish it could all be Targety prices :P



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