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Thursday, August 02, 2012



How freaking cute is that fox and rabbit?!!! *squeal*
Collar fever. I love them all, too!! :O
Damnit, I still need to see the new Batman. Not excited about AH as catwoman either..but that's just my biased opinion since I grew up with Michelle P as the best thing ever in that cat suit. I do like Anne, but I'm not gonna be surprised if I don't like her for two hours when I finally see this. :)


I thought she wasn't as bad as I was expecting, but not great. : / I really disliked her in that role. She's a great actress…just not right for this part.


1 & 8! Loooove these! 5 is hilarious and so me.
xo Heather


Haha I think it's funny too!


Ahhh that dress! So gorgeous <3

I'm kind of with you about Anne Hathaway. She did better than I was expecting but I just don't think she's right for the part. She's too sweet, I guess? Not enough bad girl in her :P


ahhhH!!! that first photo!!!
i nearly died. how adorable!
foxes and bunnies are my favorite lol.

also freaking out over the nails in photo #10.


Those nails are the coolest things I've ever seen!! xxx


came across your blog and it's great! hate to be the one with bad news, but that fox and rabbit are taxidermied and just posed that way....




I KNOW! So cool :)


Haha I thought so!


Well that just bummed me out. :(

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