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Friday, August 31, 2012


Jessie {My Mod Style}

You are so adorable. I like VLOGS because you can see the real person and it kinda gives you a feel for whether or not you would get along in real life. LOL I wish I need "camera" language, but I don't. Great advise though and I totally see why a video was better then typing it all out. Have a great weekend.


Great job! Adorable VLOG.


Alexandra Wallace

Loved listening to your answers! I would be so awkward on a vlog video haha - you were great! Love your hairstyle, too - it's cute! :)


Haha thank you! I AM way too awkward….


Baha thanks!


Hope you had a good weekend too :)


HAHA! I was literally smiling and waving, saying "HIIII" when I got a shout out. :DDD
I also love your thinking for more music face. hahaha I actually adore ALL your faces and noises in this video! Eee! One day we will meet and I will freak out with happiness!
Now, dub step...I've heard a lot about this...what is it??!?!! Should I youtube it? Yeah, okay, I will.
I like that you still listen to all those old school high-school type bands. They make me feel young when I listen to them. I like feeling young. <3
I literally laughed out loud at your growl at the end! So candid of a moment when one cannot figure out how to turn off the stinkin' camera. Happens to me often and then I just get embarrassed and delete the vid. I should probably just stop being a chicken; I may find people will think I'm cute just like you. ;)

P.s. That's a lot of "anonymous" questions LOL I wonder why they were anonymous when they didn't ask or say anything rude and inappropriate.
P.p.s. Sweet poses, dude! You're a natural model. I don't think I could do that. I get wayyyy too shy! Well, I could do it after a couple glasses of wine.
Okay. I'm done with the longest comment ever.
Who am I kidding?


You crack me up! BAHA! Yes, check out dubstep. It's so fun!
And I cannot for the life of me figure out why there were so many anonymous questions. Weird : /

Haha I'm used to showing my models and clients how to pose so it's forced me to get over my shyness about it. I used to just laugh and look ridiculous.

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