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Wednesday, May 16, 2012



Wow! I love how it turned out! I saw the original post from Lune Vintage a few months ago and never thought twice about it but your version looks so cool!

Nerd Burger

RAD!!!! I am going to try it this weekend and right something to do with coffee on mine.


You're tank turned out awesome! My hand writing is horrible and I could never male anything like that. It's such a neat idea.


Oh it took me like a million times in chalk to get the letters right :P


Make sure you post it! I would love to see how it turns out :)


Oh well thank you!


Yay! So excited I won! Thanks for the opportunity :)


So awesome, Violet! & I love Copeland <3

erin aka eef

Very pretty! I did one of these a few years ago, think I'll have to do another one now! =]


It turned out beautifuly!! I wish I was good in these things so I could try it...


So awesome! I love how it turned out. My high school boyfriend and I used to make shirt designs out of bleach. They didn't turn out as well as this one did!






I want to see it when you're done :)


Oh it wasn't very hard at all!


Thanks Allison ^_^


That's such a great idea! I totally want to try that now. :)


Do it! I want to see :)


My homemade shirts never came out this cute! I also don't have a steady enough hand to write as perfectly as you did. That's seriously impressive since you wrote in cursive. I can print with paint all day, but it'll still look extremely flawed, lol.
P.s. Your hair looks really good/cool in these pics!

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That is amazing! Stuff you have shared. I had a great fun. Keep sharing stuff that is more informative in the future. Great post!


Seriously, if you sketch it out in chalk first, it's not nearly as hard. I could have never just free-handed this in one go! :P Oh wow, I was having a really crappy hair day so that makes me feel better ^_^


Wow Violet this is soooo cute. it's amazing the amount of detail you got. I'm definitely going to have to try this!


Thank you so much Lauren! :)

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Thats amazing...!great idea and its homeamde tank tops so its very beautiful to shared with us....:)

Cargo Pants

Just too good, you look beautiful :) thank i will try that too.


I love this so much! And I like the idea of splattering the bleach on at the end!

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