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Wednesday, June 01, 2011


{ Dust & Swallow }

Your blog is really amazing!I have just looked at it whole and I liked! I 'm completely a fan!


Oh thank you! I really appreciate that :)

Anna M. K.

I love your Blog! You're doing an amazing job!! Following you.

Greetings from Germany
Love, Anna




love your blog :) am really impressed by your work and your only 23, young like me. Very inspiring and your work comes across with lots of confidence - its obvious you've had to direct people to get such strong shots.



Your blog rules!


You are awesome! Thank you :)


I'm from Bloomington, IN!!!! =) Nice to know there are bloggers around here! We should start an Indiana bloggers tea once a month or something!!


Oh wow, that is SO awesome!


Violet, great to meet you, I am Amanda! I stumbled upon your blog from another blog. I'm glad I took a look through your blogs and at your profile! I live Indianapolis as well!


Hi Amanda! Nice to meet you! Do you blog?


Just stumbled upon your beautiful blog. Love your style and photography. :) Can't wait to read it all!


i'm stunned everytime i go into your site. i love the design work on the glasses. just everything. you're amazing.


i'm stunned everytime i go into your site. i love the design work on the glass. you're very talented and dynamic. very fun.

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